National Trails

O1. The National Trail O1 connects the E6 path E4. It starts from Metsovo and the mountains Peristeri and ends at the village Gardiki , passing from Syrrako villages Kalarrytes and Matsouki and the Kakarditsa mountain . It is planned to continue for Trikala .

O2. The National Trail O2 connects Olympus ( E4 ) with Pelion. Starts from Olympus passing by the mountains Lower Olympus, Ossa , Mavrovouni and Karia villages Kallipefki , Rapsani , Rivers , deer , tile , Veneto leads to the beach below the Puri village of Pelion .

O3 . The National Trail O3 connect Ioannina with the letter ( E6 ) . It begins from the north side of Ioannina Lake and crosses Mitsikeli mountain passes Zagorohoria Kipoi Vitsa , Monodendri , crossing the Vikos Gorge , rises in Papigo , crosses Tymfi mountain passes from Vrisohori and Pades villages , crosses Smolikas the mountain and the village of Agia Paraskevi and passes Sarantaporo.

O4 . The National Trail L4 connects Hortiatis with Pangeo and Rodopi (E6) . Crosses Halkidiki , ancient Amphipolis Pangeo and ends in the village of Toxotes in Nestos . They only marked sections Paggeo from Village Courtyard by Nikissiani and Amphipolis up top.

O5 . The National Trail L5 connects the E6 path E4 at the height of Metsovo – Kalambaka. Not fully mapped nor has begun signaling.

O6. The National Trail O6 linking paths 01 and 05. Starting from Metsovo and passing from Gravel villages Amaranto , Paleochori , Pyrrha ends in Trikala . Not yet marked.

O7. The National Trail C7 connects the mountains Kakarditsa and Tzoumerka . Starting from Kakarditsa meets the path 01 crosses Tzoumerka and passing from Voulgareli Melissourgi villages and ends in the village of Waterfall . Not yet marked .

O8 . The National Trail O8 connects Nimfaio with Deskati . Starting from the Nymphaeum , wich crosses the mountains , and Vourino Vounasa and ends in Grevena . Not yet marked.

O9 . The National Trail C9 connects Dodoni Parga . Starting from the ancient theater of Dodona , passes from Souli and the necromancy of Acheron and ends in Parga . Not fully mapped nor has begun signaling .

O11 . The National Trail C11 connects Karpenisi to Agrinio . It starts from Karpenisi , runs through the valley until Proussos Monastery , crosses the mountain Panaitoliko ( Arapokefala , Tsina , Panaitolikos , Kyra Vgena ) and ends at Agrinio . Not yet marked .

O12 . The National Trail O12 connects Karpenissi with Nafpaktos . It starts from Karpenisi and after crossing the Kaliakouda mountains and mountains of Aitoloakarnania Nafpaktos ends . Not yet marked .

O21 . The National Trail runs O21 Evia. Starting from Oreos and crossing Telethrio Mountains , Dry, Oil Lamp , Dirfi , Xerovouni , Olympus ( as an offshoot of the path goes Kimi ) and ends Ochi in Karystos . Not yet marked.

D22 . The National Trail D22 connects Parnassus with Parnitha . Starts from Agoriani Parnassus and passing from Kirfi mountains , Helicon , Korobili , Kitheronas , Pastra ends in Parnitha ( Buffy shelter ) .

O31 . The National Trail O31 crosses the western Peloponnese , from Patras to Ancient Olympia . Quite interesting route that crosses Erymantho the mountain Lampia and mountains Folois resulting in Ancient Olympia . Route length 108 km .

O32 . The National Trail crosses O32 Central Peloponnese , starting from Vitina ( connection to E4 ) and arrives in Kardamili . It is the most consistent of the National Trails and what is maintained in the best condition . Runs Mainalo , the gorge of Lucius passes from Karytaina crosses the plateau of Megalopolis , runs the North Taygetos , follows along the main Taygetos and through the Viros gorge ends in Kardamili . Route length 192 km.

O33 . The National Trail O33 starts at St. Peter Kynouria ( connection to E4 ) and arrives at Cape Malea . Cuts across Parnon and after major pathways portions at Madara volumes Chionovouni and Gaidourovouni arrives in Monemvasia . Mediates a large part on roads and ends with the impressive part of Malea . Route length 204 km .

O34 . The National Trail O34 connecting Epidaurus Ancient Olympia . Starts from Ancient Epidaurus and passing from Mycenae, Artemisio Mantineia , Dimitsana , Lagkadia ends in Ancient Olympia . Not yet marked .

O35 . The National Trail O35 connects Chelmos the Ziria . Starting from the Lower Loussi crosses Helmos ( shelter , Mavrolimni , Neraidorahi , Waters of Styx ) , passes through the Pigeon villages Zarouchla , Feneos and Goura , crosses Ziria ( shelters A & B ) and ends at Ano Trikala Corinth.

O36 . The National Trail O36 Dimitsana with Methoni . Starting from Dimitsana passes Karytaina Andritsaina , Kopanaki , crosses Mountains Kyparissia Aigalo and ends in Methoni . Not yet marked.

From Stemnitsa to Lagkadia 75 km of nature and history.

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