Section 4: Elati-Vytina

The route descends from Elati to the riverbed of the Milaon River (in this first part the marking is with ), where it meets the obvious pathway situated on the banks. (from this part and after the marking is with ).

Following the well waymarked trail (parts paved, parts plain path) pass by the big water drilling rig of the Pirgaki Springs (that supplies Vytina with water) and then the stone built Makrinou Fountain. Enter for 970 meters a dirt road wending to the place name Ellinika, under the hill where the acropolis of the acropolis of the antique city Methydrion was located. Take the short path that intersects with the asphalt road. Leave the asphalt road and go under the main road linking Vytina to Dimitsana (cross the river and go under the small bridge) follow the nice, old mule track to Vytina. This part is the richest section of this route: moving across Milaon River in high riparian vegetation of plane trees and pass by three consecutive abandoned watermills. After the wooden bridge on the stream Barba, ascent a nice path carved in rock wending to Artotsi fountain. From here the path follows various small road as it reaches Vytina and ends in the central square. Vytina is the head village of the region and offers all the provisions and facilities. In this entire route follow the .

From Elati to Vytina
2.30’h | 8,5 km

Difficulty: 2/5 (Moderate)

Ideal for: hikers, family friendly (infants-babies not recommended)

Equipment Needed: trekking shoes

Ideal Period of the Year: May to September

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