The Menalon Trail Official Map

The Menalon Trail is the first trail in Greece that has been certified, based on the protocol of Leading Quality Trails, and is awarded by the European Ramblers’ Association (ERA) in order to highlight top quality routes of Europe, that today carry the certification of Leading Quality Trails.

Menalon Social Enterprise has voluntarily taken up the maintenance procedure and signposting of the trail since its grand opening event on May 31st 2015, until today.

Menalon Trail is considered to be one of the best sign posted trails in Greece.

In case that a hiker faces trouble with the signs, they can inform us with the specific location (coordinates) by sending an e-mail/report at

In 2015 Menalon Social Enterprise published the official map of the trail with a scale of 1:25.000, which was republished in 2019.

In May 2024 Menalon Social Enterprise started a cooperation with Anavasi Publishing, publishing a new, renewed, official map of the Menalon Trail, at a scale 1:20.000 and dimensions 100 x 70 cm..

The map is printed on waterproof material Polyart, which is not easily torn or destroyed, and it is available by Menalon Social Enterprise in Arcadia and by Anavasi Publishing in the rest of Greece and abroad.

The suggested retail price for the local stores of Menalon Trail is 7 euros.

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Digital Map Menalon Trail

In addition, because there are hikers were walking without map and compass, and in order to make sure that hiking is transpired under safe conditions, Menalon Social Enterprise in cooperation with Anavasi, suggest the Anavasi Application, AnavasiMapp-Menalon Trail, which is also available offline.

The application indicates the location of the hiker on the map and sends an emergency sms with the coordinates of the location. The price for the digital map of the Menalon Trail is 5 euros.

For any further information you can contact Menalon Social Enterprise via the e-mail

For the Digital Map Anavasi Mapp: