Each individual city and every small village of Arcadia has its own gastronomy customs and recipes. With our fresh and traditional products and our cuisine we can cover even the most demanding visitor’s desires. The simplicity of our dishes with a combination of our strong traditions is the key elements.

Our dishes are not just a plate with food, but a part and a piece of our history.

Fine tastes such us our local goats and lambs, fresh and tasty vegetables produced with the traditional way, a huge variety of herbs and the handmade dairy products of our region are the ingredients we had from the ancient years, we still cook them in our homes and taverns and we are ready to serve them to you as well…it will be like adding an extra plate in our family table… The well known Mantinia wine we produce will be an excellent companion.

Except the all time classic meat dishes we have our traditional “trahana” (a kind of small pasta) and our “pasto” (fragrant smoked pork) which are tastes ideal for the cold winter nights of our region. The region is blessed as we say. We produce and you can taste here products like walnuts, apples, quinces, cherries, chestnuts, pears…

We use what we produce to prepare our famous spoon sweets with charming fragrance and the tray-baked deserts which are traditions here, with old recipes and many modernised pastry shops, where you can find them. Do not forget to ask for the pies with honey and cinnamon, galatopita (pies with milk and cream) and the Greek sweet “moustalevria”.

All are prepared as they should be…as we prepare them for our families.

The Menalon Trail

From Stemnitsa to Lagkadia
Lenght 75.2 km
Altitude 420 – 1550 m


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