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Under the majestic plane tree in the central square of Lagadia, at the edge of the gorge with a magnificent view you will find Maniatis Restaurant, famous nearby and beyond. 50 years on it offers to its guests unique plates based on the best local recipes and simultaneously take off thanks to the masterful execution and excellent quality of ingredients. Culinary tradition and culinary art are excellently balanced here. The elegant spaces of Maniatis Restaurant respect the idyllic environment and complete its natural elegance. But in the recipe of our success the basic ingredient is our love and care. We knead our own bread and bake it daily in our traditional wood oven that burns continuously for 50 years now…

Makeshift events of kneading and cooking!

Often and in consultation with our guests, we arrange for group kneading and baking in our wood oven. Participants wake up early in the morning like old time bakers and learn the traditional art of kneading and baking in a wood oven. Usually the president of Maniatis group of companies is leading always happy to be present. All together we bake bread and often these impromptu events expand to cooking lessons where we share the secrets of our best local recipes. Local specialties include rooster with noodles, salted pork, baby goat in the oven, while hare, wild boar and special meat like deer are available during hunting season. For more details…make us your questions!