The 8 Sections

The Menalon Trail grows to a length of 75 km. It passes through the villages of Stemnitsa, Dimitsana, Zygovisti, Elati, Vytina, Nymfasia, Magouliana, Valtessiniko, Lagadia, turning up the entire tourism infrastructure and services of Gortynia.

Both the design and organization of the journey, and the general infrastructure that the frames follow the standard set by the European Ramblers Association (ERA), which brings together 33 national federations of European countries and aimed at 3,000,000 members. Having evaluated according to 41 metering, quality and technical criteria, the Menalon Trail received a certificate of competence as one of the Trails Master Quality (Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe) and now proposed by the ERA for European hikers as a coherent, interesting and safe mountain adventure. The Menalon Trail is the 10th European path that takes this important quality and safety guarantee. Check the 8 sections of the trail, pick the one you prefer and start your adventure...

Section 1:

Time: 5h | Length: 12.5km

The trail head for this first route is Stemnitsa, the village of goldsmiths and headquarters for the Peloponnesians Senate in 1821, point of convergence of many other routes and trails. Follow the coming out of the village and...


Section 2:

Time: 2h | Length: 4.2km

The section Dimitsana-Zigovisti ascends from the Lousios valley to the outskirts of the fir forest. It starts from Dimitsana and passes next to many important historical buildings like the Library. Heading out from the settlement, take the...


Section 3:

Time: 5h | Length: 14.9km

The Zigovisti–Elati section straddles the Western Menalon massif. Leave Zigovisti behind passing by the old church of Agios Ioannis and the Pera Vrisi fountain where the trailhead wends through a beautiful ravine to the country....


Section 4:

Time: 2h 30' | Length: 8.5km

The route descends from Elati to the riverbed of the Milaon River, where it meets the pathway situated on the banks. Following the well waymarked trail (parts paved, parts plain path) pass by the big water...


Section 5:

Time: 2h | Length: 5.6km

After resting and provisioning, leave Vytina and continue on the route leading to Nymphasia.After walking 850 meters on asphalt you’ll reach the Old Vytina and the trailhead of the footpath...


Section 6:

Time: 3h 30' | Length: 8.9km

Coming out from Nymphasia the route follows a small road that enters a pleasant oak wood, to the trailhead that heads downhill to cross the Kernitsa Bridge.
From the bridge...


Section 7:

Time: 2h 30' | Length: 6.6km

Walk across Magouliana (the village of loggers) through small roads and arrive to the saddle west of the village, where an intersection to Lasta is located and point of splendid...


Section 8:

Time: 5h | Length: 13.9km

From Valtesiniko square, pass by the impressive stone built school and access the upper peripheral road of the village, from here the view overlooks all the northern plains...

A Unique Certified Experience, in Greece.

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