The Menalon Trail Maps

Topoguide Menalon Trail

The application topoguide Menalon Trail, built by the company AnaDigit, is a digital companion for hiking along Menalon Trail. The application is installed on smartphones and tablets running Android and works without Internet support (off-line). It includes detailed maps of the area and the eight daily sections of Menalon Trail. Once in the terrain and near a trail, the application provides navigation instructions every few steps, raise dozens of photos and inform the monuments and points of interest of the region. The application is installed through Google Play and will be upgraded for free.

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The Menalon Trail Official Map

Get the official map of Menalon Trail, on the very detail scale of 1.25.000.
The 70X100 cm analog map was created by AnaDigit and published by Lyhnia S.A.
You can find the map in all local shops or you can order copies at 6 euros each.
In case you want to order any copies, please press the below button and complete the order form accordingly.

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Hiking in Peloponnese Region

"Hiking in Pelponnese Region" is a digital field guide for hikers visiting Peloponnese, in Greece. The app belongs to the topoGuide series of applications. The area covered by he app belongs to Arcadia, Argolida, Corinthia, Lakonia and Messinia. The Peloponnese Region is presented to the hiker through seventeen trails, which combine natural beauty, cultural richness, original landscapes and accommodation facilities. The app starts with an introduction on the geography, the landscapes and the nature of the 17 areas. The 17 trails are depicted on a very detailed off-line map and each one has an accurate track and a rich description with POIs and photos.

The hiker can browse the map and the chapters interactively and get any relevant information for the trails (signposting, length, time, elevation profile, vegetation type etc). The app comes with an innovative Virtual Hiker, who runs along the trail and invokes the display of all information and photos.
When in the field, the app identifies the nearest trail and provides active navigation on the path, displaying messages and warnings on every junction or other important location. On each Point of Interest, photos and texts are pop-up on the map. If the hiker gets off-trail, the app indicates the shorter way to get back safely.
The application is offered for free and can be installed through Google Play.

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