International Lending Library of Mountain Tourism

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Dear visitors,

In the framework of its pioneering efforts (after the creation of Menalon trail the first trail in Greece receiving the Certification of High Quality by the European Ramblers Association in May 2015), Menalon Soc. Enterprise launches the 1st international Lending Library of mountain Tourism with books of World Literature and Greek Culture, aiming at the development of tourism in the region of menalon trail by offering high quality services.

Since the foreign visitors who come for trekking try to carry the least possible, staying in the area of the trail in the Arcadian mountains at an altitude of 1000m for about 1 week, without access to their favorite books, the offer of these selected books through the lending Library of World Literature and Hellenic Culture will be the culmination of a special hospitality, promoting at the same time the Greek culture.

The international lending library of World Literature and Hellenic Culture is the initiative of the Vice President of Menalon Social Enterprise, Mr. George Koulalis. The original core of the books is offered by the members of the Menalon Soc. Enterprise and its donators (ask for details if you are interested to contribute) and includes in its list:

  1. Works by 64 Nobel Prize authors
  2. The best 100 books of world literature selected by literary critics from 54 countries
  3. Winners of the Booker and Pulitzer awards 2005 to 2017 and
  4. Classic Ancient Greek works as well as new writers will be housed in Stemnitsa at the Information Office of Menalon Soc. Enterprise in the Square of the first Peloponnesian Senate.

In the first phase, we will begin with books in English, and then books in Greek as well as in other languages, with the sole criterion of” the top books of World Literature.” For more information on the availability of the books visit our homepage www German-speaking part of the Library begins with books kindly offered by the German Embassy in Athens and we hope that the embassies of other states, which we have already approached, will emulate this donation.

The official opening ceremony of the 1st Lending Library of Mountain Tourism with books of World Literature and Hellenic Culture will take place at the Information Office of Menalon Soc. Enterprise in Stemnitsa on Saturday, May 26th, 2018 at 18:00, where we will be glad to welcome you! (More info’s on our website www

With regards,

The Vice President of Menalon Soc. Enterprise

Dr. George Koulalis