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The Menalon Trail passes through 9 different traditional villages of Arcadia.
Every village has its own history, customs, local recipes, festivals and art interests etc.

Please find in the calendar below some of the things you can do while being here and learn more the real life
in the 9 villages of Menalon and of the areas around Arcadia.

News, Events and generally whatever sound nice to be mentioned from the people of The Menalon Trail to all of you.
Check every date and find your next thing to do in Arcadia.

Share them with all the people you want to live such a unique experience in
the 1st Certified Trail of Greece, in Peloponnese, in Arcadia.


The Menalon Trail

From Stemnitsa to Lagkadia
Lenght 75.2 km
Altitude 420 - 1550 m


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