To Lathos

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In the beautiful village of Karkalou, between the green forest of Mainalon and the tranquil valley that flows the river Lousios, a traditional family tavern provides excellent services, unique flavors and stunning views. The tavern “TO LATHOS” has been created by people with great taste and tradition in the art of flavors and offers really traditional dishes and flavors in a very warm place, with a large garden and terraces, decorated with local elements and objects that remind the story and the delivery of the place. Overlooking the magnificent scenery of mountainous Arcadia, guests have the opportunity to taste delicious appetizers and dishes such as pork with celery, baked lamb, redheaded goat and, of course, the well-known cocktail with noodles of Arkadia. The tavern’s barbecue, full of scents and delicious local meats, stands out for the delicious little kids, the local sausage, the burgers and the delicious fishfood that will satisfy the gourmets. In the spring and summer, the large verandas on the edge of the garden are the ideal choice for relaxing gustatory moments in direct contact with the wonderful nature and the spotless air of the place. In winter and autumn, next to the smoky fireplace, with a little wine cellar and scrumptious mezedes in the dishes, guests will enjoy special moments of enjoyment. As her name suggests, it would be a great mistake not to visit the tavern in his small escapes in Dimitsana.