“Discovering life purpose at Arcadia Menalon mountain”

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With a small team of nature lovers we hiked 4 of the most difficult trails at Menalon Trail over last week, starting from Karytaina, Moni Panagias Kalamiou, Atsicholos, Lousios river, Moni Agiou Ioannou Prodromou, Moni Panagias Filosofou, Dimitsana, Elati, Zygovisti,Vytina. Since I’m amateur in this kind of excursions I faced many difficulties on walking many times under the hot summer sun of Greece or at very narrow paths, but I also enjoyed every step under the huge pine, oak and fir trees. Swimming at Lousios river natural Spa waters was so exciting that we spend almost 3 hours relaxing and sunbathing. The signs and explanatory panels were very helpful. At the villages we visited and stayed the people were very hospitable offering the nicest goods that they had, but the most important their warm welcome and smile. At the monasteries, visitors are welcomed with water and loukoumi so to refresh and rest a bit. From the monks we learned quite a number of historical and art details about the monastery and the people that lived there.
It really worths a lot to walk on foot to feel and discover real life.