Traditional Cafe
Pastry Shop


"Gerousia" is a traditional Cafe and Pastry Shop with uninterrupted functioning since 1870. It is located at the main square of Stemnitsa and took its name after the historic Peloponnesian Senate (Gerousia) which was hosted in Zoodochos Pigi Monastery in 1821.

The traditional atmosphere of the venue, the extremely high quality coffee we offer and the unforgettable handmade sweets of our "mama", with extraordinary local products is a real bet for all of you.
The highly ranked reviews we have in Tripadvisor are just a part of what we are and offer.

Our "melomakarona", orange pie, diples, creamy milk pie (galaktoboureko) and the well-known baklava are offered throughout the year for the sweets lovers of Stemnitsa.
For all the others we offer our unique delicacies, such as the various meze and pies we make with our own made wine or tsipouro. Akis (the owner) is waiting for you, so you enjoy the real tastes of Stemnitsa, the real Greece.