Are you ready for hiking on the Menalon Trail?

Dear Guest and Hiker,

“Menalon Social Enterprise”, wishes you an enjoyable trek on the Menalon Trail, and suggests, that you read the following instructions for your safety.

What you need to do for a safe hike on the Menalon Trail ?
  • Get informed (from our website) about the degree of difficulty of the hiking routes, as well as about their length (in kilometres) and their duration, and choose one according to your physical condition.
  • Get informed about the weather conditions on the hiking routes in real time through our website, at the end of the description text of each section and at the bottom of the page General Information.
  • According to your chosen route, follow the signs (coloured red, green, yellow) bearing the logo “M”.

  • Consult the signs along the path for information about the distance and duration of the hiking routes.
    (ATTENTION: For long distance hikes take into account 2 additional hours of rest. Start hiking early in the morning and not in the afternoon in order to avoid being caught in the woods during nighttime!)
  • Take notes (or take PHOTOS of the signs) of taxi, accommodation and “Menalon Social Enterprise” contact information in case you need it.
  • If you are hiking alone, inform your hotel/host or a relative/friend about your chosen path, as well as the time of your departure.
  • What to take with you
  • The Official Menalon Trail Map
    You can find it in all the villages of the Menalon Trail, in shops like mini markets, souvenir shops, cafe, restaurants, hotels and guesthouses etc or you may order it through our website HERE
  • Hiking boots (not trainers!) that offer ankle support, have an anti-slip sole (suitable for walking on gravel, rocks, wet leaves) and are waterproof.
  • Hiking socks (+ 1 spare pair) for protection against blistering.
  • Long hiking trousers (waterproof). Never wear short trousers when trekking in the woods.
  • A light windbreaker – raincoat (in rainy weather a long poncho type raincoat could also protect your backpack).
  • A fleece jacket for use at low temperatures.
  • Fresh underwear or long thermal underwear (+1 spare).
  • Headwear, sunglasses, sunscreen / headwear, gloves - according to weather conditions.
  • Trekking pole
  • A light backpack with only what is strictly necessary:
  • Water bottle (at least 1-1,5 litres)
  • 2 nut bars or cereal bars (containing cereal-raisins) or a chocolate bar
  • 1 piece of fruit (apple or banana)
  • Mobile phone (fully charged from the previous night), a compass or GPS tracker if you have one.
  • A bin bag and
  • Medical supplies:
  • If you are allergic to bee or wasp stings or diagnosed by an allergist, bring with you a special pre-filled adrenaline shot (150μg for children <25kg and 300μg for adults), prescribed by your doctor.
  • An insect bite stick
  • 1 elastic bandage, 1 hemostatic gauze/ compress, wound closure strips
  • Wound dressing (plaster/ band-aid), 2 single use gloves, 4 sterile gauzes
  • 2 paracetamol pain relief tablets (Calpol / Tylenol / Depon)
  • Have a nice stay and enjoy your treks in Arcadia, on the Menalon Trail. “Menalon Social Enterprise”


    The Menalon Trail

    From Stemnitsa to Lagkadia
    Lenght 75.2 km
    Altitude 420 - 1550 m


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